To cut or not to cut

It’s garage sale season, which means scouring the local sales for fabric in all forms – upholstery scraps, curtains, clothing… and look what I found – this sweet lime green leather coat. It’s from the old Wilson’s Leather shop that I remember from what, the 80s maybe? (Every mall had one!) I didn’t hesitate when I saw the coat – the color caught my eye and I didn’t care about the size because I’m going to cut it up into usable scraps, right? Well, when I got it home, my husband was like, “Oh, sweet – try it on for me!” I didn’t even want to, for fear of getting attached, but I did. Well, don’t worry – not only am I not cool enough to pull off the look, it just didn’t fit right or look that cute on anyway. So it’s still destined for a date with my scissors and re-creation into a purse of some sort. Just waiting now for the right vision.