Come see what’s new!

Hi friends! I hope you’ll join me at the Ridge Show on Saturday, November 19th. Here are some of my recent creations that I’ll have with me, along with lots more – I’ve been so busy creating that I haven’t had time to stop and take more pictures!

Click here to visit the show’s site and also their Facebook page for complete information.

New stuff


Remember this coat?

A few months ago I posted this lime green leather coat that I found at a garage sale… I thought about keeping it to wear, but I ended up cutting it up because it didn’t fit me (nor could I pull off the look if it did). I sort of forgot about it till yesterday when I was sorting through some fabric and BOOM, an idea popped into my head for what to do with it. I don’t work with leather much so I wasn’t even sure my standard machine could handle it. Luckily the leather was pretty lightweight, and while my machine wasn’t too happy with me when it involved sewing a few layers together, I kept going… Behold this sweet foldover clutch! It’s so cute, I might have to keep it!


The Ridge Show is almost here!

Saturday, November 19th is the day for the Ridge Fine Art and Handmade Wares Show, which I’m proud to be a part of for hmmmmmm…. my 7th year maybe? I promise you will find all kinds of amazing, unique, handmade goods at this one-of-a-kind show. Great place to kick off your holiday shopping. Click here to visit the show’s site and also their Facebook page for updates and sneak peeks.



My Space

st23_display_GPPOne of the things I love about the crafting business is setting up my own little ‘store’… and I love when everything falls into place just right. It felt this way last Saturday at the Park Market in Grosse Pointe Park. I was given a spot in the market center and built my display around one of the Park’s amazing umbrellas (thank goodness because that sun was HOT!). I just love the way it came out. I think it looked pretty cute, if I do say so myself. Thanks to those who stopped by on Saturday!

Fresh and Floral at the Market this Saturday

I’ll be selling my wares – like this fun floral tote – at the Park Market again this Saturday, June 25, from 9-1. You can visit the Park Market website or their Facebook page for more info. 

Life’s a Beach

Beach bag, available now at



To the Market I Go!!!

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be selling my wares at the Park Market in Grosse Pointe Park, this Saturday, June 4, from 9-1. I participated long ago when I was making jewelry, and it was always a fun variety of vendors and farmers market goods. I’ve heard it’s only gotten better – AND – it’s Opening Day for the season! Can’t wait – come see me! I’ll have lots of new goodies for your shopping pleasure, including some new market bags and wine totes. You can visit the Park Market website or their Facebook page for more info. parkmarketbanner

Totes Adorbs!

Someone’s unwanted burlap table runner was the perfect width for these medium sized tote bags. I love burlap because it goes with everything – especially these fun vintage graphics, colorful linings and upcycled belt straps. The possibilities are endless… except now I’m out of burlap… must find more!

To cut or not to cut

It’s garage sale season, which means scouring the local sales for fabric in all forms – upholstery scraps, curtains, clothing… and look what I found – this sweet lime green leather coat. It’s from the old Wilson’s Leather shop that I remember from what, the 80s maybe? (Every mall had one!) I didn’t hesitate when I saw the coat – the color caught my eye and I didn’t care about the size because I’m going to cut it up into usable scraps, right? Well, when I got it home, my husband was like, “Oh, sweet – try it on for me!” I didn’t even want to, for fear of getting attached, but I did. Well, don’t worry – not only am I not cool enough to pull off the look, it just didn’t fit right or look that cute on anyway. So it’s still destined for a date with my scissors and re-creation into a purse of some sort. Just waiting now for the right vision.